Data Management

RJITs Data Solution offering includes Data Warehousing and Analytics, Data Conversion and Database Design. We bring an understanding of end to end lifecycle of data warehouse solution development. Our consultants have strong experience with helping the client select right software for their requirements, identify data sources, harmonize and curate data, design database schema, perform data extraction, transformation and load.  We can assist your organization with statistical analysis and business intelligence of structured as well as unstructured data. We have built reporting solutions and dashboards for senior management at Healthcare agencies to foster effective decisions with real time data.

Databases are the foundation of any software development project. Our  skilled database experts ensure that the database design is scalable and supports high transaction volume with minimal latency. We have experience with all major databases:

Oracle, SQLServer, DB2, MySQL, MSAccess. We make make the database available online using ADI, ASP, PHP or JSP.  Our development ensures database transactions are  always secure. We also support data migration and translations between different database types, or just schema changes.

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